International Transportation

International Transportation

International Transportation
Hitit Trans organizes the mass transportation of products in different weight and variety. This organization network is managed by expert staff who understand the importance of transportation services. The most challenging cargoes are secured and delivered on time. While providing these services, it produces plans and solutions at the most affordable rates.
Air Transportation 
In all fields, in every sense, the limits are lifted. From commercial services to banking, industry to agriculture, commercial activity gains a truly international dimension. Air transport volume is increasing day by day in the world. The real sector continues its activities with zero stock and just-in-time production philosophy within today's competitive conditions. You need to send a lightweight sample or a small volume of goods for new markets, but you think about the transport? Whether it's souvenirs, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, electronic materials, samples or machinery. Hitit Trans provides mass transportation of all products in different weights and types. Hitit Trans offers the safest service in air freight services with the most reasonable prices and flexible conditions. We prepare import-export documents for your goods with regular consolidation and one-on-one services, follow your shipments on your behalf and deliver door-to-door transportation.
Sea Transportation
You can export your textile products, glass, furniture from Turkey to overseas countries, Africa or the USA; you can import your ivory trinkets, electronic materials, toys or all kinds of products from Canada, India, Far East. You can reach any port through Hitittrans's FCL and LCL services; port to port, or door to door. Hitit Trans produces solutions for sea transportation.
Road Transportation
Buyers can buy in fewer volumes instead of bulk purchases. Partial shipments gained speed with this modern approach. Partial transport requires expertise, information or experience. It requires the coexistence of technological superiorities with its service approach. Hitit Trans knows partial transport well. Hitit Trans' temporary storage place in the Esenboga Customs Directorate enables our valuable business partners to conduct their operations economically and rapidly by saving time and reducing their storage costs. Our A type warehouse, which is in the Esenboga Airport Customs Directorate, has the personnel and equipment to meet the demanded advanced logistics needs. It offers services such as handling, palletizing and labelling with its organized staff structure, each specialized in their own fields.


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