Storage and Internal Distribution

Storage and Internal Distribution

Storage and Internal Distribution

Temporary Storage and Warehouse, which has been put into service within the Esenboga Customs Directorate by Hitit Logistics, enables our valuable business partners to conduct their operations economically and rapidly by saving time and reducing their storage costs.


The services that we provide in our free storage area which has been opened in 2018 are as follows;

- Production material logistics,

- Storage and distribution management,

- Shipment management and distribution services,

- Domestic and regional parts / raw material distribution,

- Regional / free zone storage solutions,

- Handling of products in warehouse and free warehouse area and decomposition on a store basis,

- Collection and packaging of the domestic distribution vehicle distribution processes,

- Inventory management

- VAS (Value Added Services) management.

- Dedicated distribution services,

- Inventory Control by LOT, Serial Number.

- Reverse logistics

- Consolidation and Decomposition Management



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