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Since 1998, Istanbul activities in the past years, Izmir, Mersin and Adana have spread to Turkey, all major cities especially, and today experienced and customer-focused professional staff with international air, land, sea, road transportation, customs clearance, successfully warehousing and distribution services It continues.
Hitit Logistics, which has been serving to its customers for more than 30 years in the sector, is a brand in the sector by reflecting its experience to service quality with our valued customer, technological infrastructure, expert staff and ISO quality certificates.
All our employees are professionals who have gained experience in the logistics sector with various duties and responsibilities. They are the most equipped professionals in the logistics sector in terms of customer expectations and service standards.
We follow closely business-related developments and innovations and apply them to our business up to the minute
When determining or undertaking our services, we identify everyone's expectations in the field of Transport, Customs Clearance and Storage. We try to please our valued customers by implementing the most appropriate methods to meet these expectations.
Air Transportation

Air Transportation

It is one of the best methods for time-sensitive modes of cargo transportation.
Sea Transportation

Sea Transportationı

Port to port or door to door. Hitit produces solutions for sea transportation.
Road Transportation

Road Transportation

You can get the best service in partial transportation with its technological infrastructure
İç Nakliye ve Depolama

Inland Transportation and Storage

It provides fast and safe transportation of internal transportation and storage services.

International Transportation

Hitit Trans organizes the mass transportation of products in different weight and variety. This organization network is managed by expert staff who understand the importance of transportation services. The most challenging cargoes are secured and delivered on time.

Storage and Internal Distribution

Temporary Storage and Warehouse, which has been put into service within the Esenboga Customs Directorate by Hitit Logistics, enables our valuable business partners to conduct their operations economically and rapidly by saving time and reducing their storage costs.

Project Transportation

Our expert project team takes delivery of bulk or heavy import and export cargoes which are accepted as non-standard and support all kinds of transportation solutions (Road, Air, Sea or combined) with logistic services(crane rental, storage,.

Customs Consultancy

Hitit Customs Consultancy contributes to the revision of product and time costs to the most accurate levels by providing full consultancy services on import and export regulations of all kinds of foreign trade products.


Hitit Logistics, which continuously self-improving and committed to providing customer-oriented service, offers its customers a modern and comprehensive insurance service.


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